A Few Leadership Lessons from Bobby Cox- Part Two

Aug 17, 2011

Leadership lessons and principles seem to make more sense when they are examined in a real flesh and blood leader. In this case, we are looking at one of the most successful Major League Baseball Managers ever, Bobby Cox.
3. He did not over manage. After he had put his team together, he let them play. If a guy was struggling to hit, or a pitcher was struggling to find the strike zone, Bobby was incredibly patient about letting them work their way out of the slump.
4. He demonstrated loyalty to his players. I have heard him in interviews being questioned about why the slumping or struggling player was still in the lineup. Bobby was always positive and optimistic. He’d say, “He is a great player that is just going through a little rough stretch. It is just a matter of time before he breaks out of it.” This loyalty was so appreciated by his players.
5. Bobby Cox took up for his players. One of the all-time records that he holds is for being ejected from ball games. The thing that puts this record in context is the fact that most of the ejections have come while he was defending one of his players and trying to keep them from getting ejected. 
6. Bobby always seemed to get the most out of his teams. There were many years when the Braves did not have the most talented players in the league. Over the course of the 162 game season, though, most of the teams that Cox managed won more games than they lost. As a manager, Cox instilled a culture of winning. He put that deep into the DNA of the team so that year after year, they just seem to find ways to win.
Have you had a coach or other leader that was able to get more out of you than you thought you were able to give? Have you every played for or worked for someone who saw talent and potential in you that you did not even see yourself?

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