A Season of Change- Our Spiritual Life

Dec 14, 2012


Wild USA, Couer D’Alene, Idaho by Raymond Hyde

Are you happy with the condition of your Spiritual Life? Do you even give the spiritual part of you much thought? One of the wisest men to ever live said that God has, “planted eternity in the human heart.” In other words, there is a dimension to our lives that is more than just what we can see, hear, and feel. There is a part of us that is made to interact with God.

I think this is what was meant when it was written that we were made, “in the image of God.” We were originally made to connect with Someone beyond ourselves on a spiritual level. Unfortunately, this is the area that most people neglect the most. It is so easy to focus on what we can see, hear, and feel, that we can easily drown out those Echoes of Eternity that whisper to us quietly.

If you need to jump-start your Spiritual Life in 2013, here are two suggestions:

1. Make time for it every day. Have a goal to spend at least ten minutes every day disconnected from the phone, the computer, the television, and other people. Most of us don’t do well with quiet. It is in the quiet, though, that we hear things with our spiritual ears. Become comfortable with the silence because that is the place that God can speak to us. When is the last time that you talked to God about anything? Keep a pen and paper handy. Write down the things that you are talking to God about and record what you feel that He may be saying to you.

2. Cultivate a habit of reading the Book. How about committing to read at least one chapter of the Bible a day? Just one chapter a day can make a huge difference in your life. If you don’t read the Bible much, I’d suggest starting in the New Testament, the second half of the Book. The NT focuses on the life of Jesus. Most Americans consider themselves to be Christians of one form or other. Reading a chapter a day of the Bible will help us to understand who Jesus really was and what he actually taught.

I think that these two things can help anyone jump-start the spiritual part of their life. Ten minutes a day can have lasting results!

If you would like to help us have an impact in Brazil, here is the link. Obrigado (Thank you!) and Feliz Natal! (Merry Christmas!)

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