A Season of Change-Writing it Down

Dec 28, 2011

“Did you write your goals today? Remember, goals without action are like smoke in the air. They just dissipate, never becoming reality.”

Writing your goals down is the first action step towards seeing them become reality. If we don’t write them down, it is unlikely that we will follow through and do our part to see these goals fulfilled. Putting a goal on paper (or typing them onto a computer screen) is the first tangible step that we can make to put ourselves in the proper frame of mind to work towards a specific goal.

After you have written your goals down, the next step is to put them somewhere that you can see them daily. It might be on your bathroom mirror or for some it could even be sticking it on your refrigerator. I keep my list in the front of my Bible. Wherever you put your list of goals, it needs to be something that you look at, pray over, and meditate on daily.

Begin to visualize what your life will look like after the goal is fulfilled. Imagine hearing someone compliment you on how good you look after losing twenty pounds. Imagine the freedom you will feel after you get a credit card paid off. This is not wasted daydreaming! If you can’t see the goal fulfilled in your imagination first, it is not likely that you will follow through and do what needs to be done to bring it to pass.

My prayer is that your 2012 is an incredible year and that you accomplish things that have been afraid to attempt before!

Annie and David are serving the Lord in Brazil. You can be a part of their ministry by clicking here. Obrigado!

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