Are You Afraid to Fail?

Jan 2, 2015


“If you are doing it right, you will fail at many things.” Darrell Vesterfelt- Unblogger

What would you attempt if you knew that you could not fail? Would you start that business? Ask that girl out on a date? Plant a church?

The fear of failure holds so many of us in bondage.

Maybe 2015 could be the year you decide to take that step. Only you know what it is that you really want to do but have let fear hold you back. Maybe now is the time to be honest with yourself. Why don’t you write out what you feel like God wants you to do. Underneath that, write the reasons why you have not taken any action yet.

Next, write what it would take for you to see your dream fulfilled. What steps would you have to take to make it a reality? Which of those steps could you take right now? There is a power in movement and action.  Take a step towards your goal and see what happens!

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