Big Christmas Sale!

Nov 22, 2019

It’s time to get started with your Christmas shopping and do I have a deal for you! The prices on these nine books have all been slashed. I cut the prices as much as Amazon would let me so that you can get some great bargains for you and your loved ones. Each book is available in paperback or as an ebook.

There is something here for everyone on your list. From Bible studies to edge-of-your-seat thrillers, there are plenty of options to educate, inspire, and entertain. Click on the links to check them out. Thanks so much!

New Testament Snapshots

Reflections on the Resurrection

When the Future Ended

The Darkest Part of the Night

When the Stars Fell From the Sky

Running Towards the Abyss

Climbing Out of the Ruins

Where the Vultures Gather

Leading into the 21st Century…and Beyond! 2.0

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