Book Review- EntreLeadership- Dave Ramsey

Dec 7, 2011

The sub-title of EntreLeadership is “20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from the Trenches.” That is the essence of what this book is about. Dave Ramsey is one of the most trusted voices in America when it comes to money matters. Four and a half million people listen to him every week on more than five hundred radio stations.

This is not a traditional leadership book. Ramsey does provide some great advice and principles about leadership. His main focus, however, seems to be helping that person who is looking to start a business or the entrepreneur who is looking to grow their business. Ramsey uses many stories from his own life and career to illustrate his points.

EntreLeadership strikes a good balance between the theoretical and the practical. Even the theoretical chapters, though, are wrapped with action steps. “Start with a Dream, End with a Goal,” is a good example. Ramsey takes the reader on a step-by-step process of how to create personal goals, as well as goals for their business. The chapter, “Financial Peace for Business,” is Dave Ramsey at his best. He provides excellent advice to small business owners and entrepreneurs about money. The stories that he includes are from his own experience and do a great job of reinforcing his bullet points.

This is a very helpful and very practical book for anyone even considering starting a business. Dave provides some excellent building blocks so that the entrepreneur can get off to a good start. If you are looking for a business/leadership book to read, I would highly reccomend this one!

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