Book Review- Seal Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL Sniper

Sep 26, 2011

Navy SEAL Sniper, Howard Wasdin tells his story in this incredible book. It is co-authored by Stephen Templin, a former SEAL himself. This book was more like a ride than a read. Wasdin takes us on a fast-paced journey through his painful, troubled childhood, up to his decision to join the Navy. After being in the Navy for a few years, he was able to make it through SEAL training and become a part of that elite, special forces unit.

Wasdin was not content with just being a SEAL, however, as he then joined the ultra-elite, SEAL Team Six. He describes the SEALs as being who the Navy goes to when they need help. SEAL Team Six is who the SEALs turn to when they need help. Wasdin takes you behind the scenes to some of the incredible training that he received. His primary job was that of sniper after completing the Marine’s grueling sniper course.

The book then provides Wasdin’s experiences in the first Gulf War. He successfully completed missions behind¬†enemy lines. The climax of the story, however, is Wasdin’s experiences in Mogadishu, Somalia. He provided sniper support to Delta Force operators, making numerous long range sniper shots to protect American lives. One of his kills was measured at 850 yards. He was later part of the operation that the book and movie, Blackhawk Down, brought to life.

The American forces were outnumbered and under heavy fire. Wasdin saved numerous American lives with his accurate rifle fire, even after being wounded in the leg early in the fight. As the fight wore on, the Americans began to run short of ammo. Wasdin was down to his pistol. He received two additional gunshots to the leg and was in bad shape. He did manage to kill the guy who shot him the last time. Wasdin was awarded the Silver Star for his actions.

The surgeons were able to save Wasdin’s leg and after extensive rehab, he even returned to active duty as a SEAL. It eventually became clear, however, that he would never return to the same form and performance level that he had been at before he was wounded. Wasdin eventually took a medical retirement and left the service. He went back to school and became a Doctor of Chiropractic.

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