Brazil, Here We Come- Part 3

Sep 25, 2010

One of the highlights of the trip for me was getting to see my good friend, Pastor Fabio. He and his lovely wife, Dani, are the pastors of C3 Santos. Fabio flew up to be with us for a couple of days in Rio. He helped translate for us and we introduced him to the pastors that we had met in Rio.

On Sunday, Fabio and I flew to Sao Paulo. It is only about a forty five minute flight. Dani picked us up at the airport and drove us the hour and a half to their home in Santos. Santos is a beautiful city of about 500,000. Fabio and Dani live five minutes from a really nice beach.

Their church meets on Sunday evenings. They had scheduled for me to speak at a leader’s meeting to their key people and then to preach at their service. They usually meet in Fabio and Dani’s living room but tonight we were meeting in a community center they had rented.

We had a great time. Their leadership team is solid and commited. I spoke to them about Discipleship= Servanthood. The church service was packed out and we had a great meeting. The future is bright for C3 Santos! To be continued…

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