Brazil, Here We Come

Sep 19, 2010

It has been incredible watching God work in Brazil this past week. We came to Rio looking to connect with pastors with no affiliation that might be interested in linking up with C3. We thrilled to see the doors that God opened.

We wanted to have a day long pastor’s conference. We were hoping for maybe 100 pastors. The only contact that we had in Rio was Robson, a minister worth his weight in gold. He has contacts all over Brazil. We asked him to invite pastors that had churches of 200 or less and were not connected with anyone.

When we got to the venue on Wednesday, there were 120 pastors there, many with their wives. They didn’t know us but they knew Robson and they greeted us warmly. When the music started, except for the fact that they were singing in Portugese, we could have been at a C3 Conference anywhere in the world. To be continued…

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