Brazil Update- A Visit with Some Friends!

Sep 23, 2013


Flyer for "Think Like a Leader" Event at C3 Santos

Flyer for “Think Like a Leader” Event at C3 Santos

Annie and I just spent almost a week with our good friends, Pastors Fabio and Dani, at C3 Church in Santos. They are building a great church there, just outside of Sao Paulo, one of the largest cities in the world. Santos is a beautiful city right on the beach!

Pastors Fabio and Dani

Pastors Fabio and Dani

C3 Santos is a young church and most of the members came to Christ through Fabio and Dani’s influence. I preached to a packed house at their Sunday evening service. We had a great night and saw God touch a number of people. You can tell a lot about a church by what happens after the service is over. Do people rush for the door or do they enjoy hanging out and chatting with friends? The after service buzz in Santos was great! No one wanted to leave.

On Tuesday night, Pastor Fabio and his team had worked hard to create an incredible community outreach. They had gone to every business in about a three block radius and conducted a survey to see how the church might be able to serve them. One of the things that the church offered was a free leadership seminar taught by an American leadership consultant.

Around 40 people from the community attended this free event. Pastor Fabio’s team did an excellent job of welcoming everyone and creating a friendly atmosphere. I spoke and gave a special presentation called “Think Like a Leader.” I discussed the five most important characteristics of a leader:

1. Insight- Leaders are visionary. They can see all sides of an issue or a project but they can also see farther down the road.

2. Initiative- Leaders take the first step. They are decisive and know how to make decisions to keep things moving forward.

3. Influence- Leaders are passionate. It is this kind of leader that creates passionate followers.

4. Impact- Leaders bring about lasting change. As Steve Jobs said, “We are here to put a dent in the universe.” That should be

Pastor Fabio and I

Pastor Fabio and I

the mantra of every leader.

5. Integrity- Leader’s lives exemplify the highest values. Integrity is what determines the quality of a leader’s impact and their legacy.

The feedback for “Think Like a Leader” was incredible. Several of the attendees asked Pastor Fabio to host events like this regularly. One manager said that he would bring his entire team to the next event. The C3 Santos team is already starting to work on the next seminar. What a fantastic way for a church to have influence and impact in their community!

Annie and I would like to give a huge “Thank you” to all those who partner with us financially! Your help allows us to keep serving great churches like C3 Santos and C3 Curitiba. God bless you!

Would you consider being a part of our support team? Obrigado!

Pastor Fabio, Annie, and Me

Pastor Fabio, Annie, and Me


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