Brazil Update- Coming to America!

Sep 29, 2014

Our Family

Annie and I just got back to Brazil after a month in the United States. It was a wonderful time with our family and close friends! We started our trip in Las Vegas for the C3 America’s Conference. The conference was amazing! We were refreshed, challenged, and encouraged by some world-class worship and teaching. We also got to see so many friends from around the US and Canada. After the conference, we spent a couple of incredible days with our kids in Las Vegas.

From Vegas, we then went to Atlanta for three weeks. Annie and I loved being in C3 Church Atlanta for three straight Sundays. We got to share with the church a bit of what God is doing in Brazil. It was also exciting to get to speak at eight of the church’s Discipleship Groups. Many of these groups combined with another group so we could give our update to more people. These D-Groups are really the heart of the church and it was great to show some pictures from Brazil, tell some stories of what God is doing, and let our friends know what we have been up to.

So many people in these D-Groups support us financially, pray for us, and stay in touch with us. It was an honor to be able to let them know what they were a part of. Annie and I realize that we represent C3 Atlanta but so many people help us do what we do in Brazil. For many other people who are new to the church, it was an opportunity to let them know that C3 Church has a global vision as well as just a local one. Several people remarked that they had no idea that C3 was making an impact in so many places in the world.

Now that we are back in Curitiba, it is back to work. Pastor Dean Sweetman is coming down in a few days for a C3 Brazil Conference. C3 Santos and C3 Curitiba will be involved. The meetings will also be open to the public. Pastor Dean is an incredible communicator, the worship is going to be amazing, and we are believing God for many changed lives!

If you would like to be a part of what God is doing in South America, just click here. There is no better place to invest than in building God’s Kingdom! Obrigado!


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