Brazil Update- Good News!

Mar 15, 2013


We were issued our permanent Brazilian visas this week! This means that we are all systems go to get back to Curitiba. Thanks so much to everyone who has been praying with us. We started working on the visa back in September, right after we got to the US after being in Brazil for six months. This is a permanent visa so we will be able to stay in Brazil for as long as God sees necessary.

We will be announcing a launch date very soon so stay posted!

Items for prayer:

1. Finances– The Monthly Support is coming together but we are still short of where we need be. Please pray for God to release all that we need.

2. For all the details in Brazil– the right place to live, a car at a good price, finding the right Portuguese tutor, etc. Think of moving to another city and starting over and all that entails. Then think of doing it in South America!

3. All the loose ends that we need to tie up here before we can move.

Thanks to everyone who is partnering with us as we prepare to go back to Brazil. We could not do it without you! Obrigado!



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