Brazil Update- Less than a Month!

Apr 24, 2013

Map of South America highlighting the location of Curitiba, Brazil

Annie and I are less than one month away from our move to Brazil. After working and waiting on our visa for so many months, things are starting to move quickly. During this last month, we will be working on tying up some of the loose ends of our lives. We also will be making a quick trip to Connecticut to see one of our daughters. After that, we will start the process of deciding what we are going to take with us to Brazil and begin packing.

Our actual launch day is going to be Sunday, May 19. That will be a great day to be at C3 Church in Lawrenceville. Pastor Ronald Berg is going to be up from C3 Curitiba, Brazil. He is going to be preaching in both services. Annie and I will also be sharing briefly in both services about our move.

I will be posting regular updates and pictures about our life and work in Brazil. If you have not subscribed to my blog, why don’t you do it? Just enter your e-mail address at the right, and each new post will be sent right to your inbox. As Annie and I learned during our time in Brazil last year, learning to live and serve in another country can be a bit of an adventure!

We can still use some more monthly support partners. We have had a number of one-time gifts. These will help us get into an apartment and get set up in Brazil. Some more monthly love would be an incredible help as well. Our hope is to hit the ground running, serving our churches, training leaders, and working with Pastor Ronald as we look towards expanding C3 Church in Brazil. If you would like to be a part of that, the link is below. We appreciate everyone’s love, support, and encouragement!




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