Brazil Update- Our First C3 Brazil Conference

Oct 15, 2014

Pastor Dean Sweetman

Pastor Dean Sweetman

When Annie and I got back to Curitiba after being in the US for a month, we hit the ground running. Our first national conference was just a week away. Thankfully, we have such a great team here at C3 Church Curitiba that everything was well in hand.

Pastor Dean Sweetman was our special guest speaker for the conference. Pastor Dean and his lovely wife, Jill, are the senior pastors of C3 Church Atlanta, Ga, and North Hollywood, Ca, with a total of five campuses. They are also the regional overseers for South America.

The conference itself was incredible. C3 Santos brought a large group down and Pastors Fabio and Dani led the first meeting o the conference. Fabio was also Pastor Dean’s translator for the evening. Pastors Ronald and Chris led the service on the second day and Pastor Ronald translated for Dean.

The worship was incredible, the preaching was powerful, and the Presence of God was almost tangible. Many people were touched and impacted. One of the things that we were hoping to see was a large number of visitors who were interested in seeing what C3 Church was all about. We were excited to see so many visitors in all three meetings!

While Pastor Dean was here, Dean, Pastor Ronald, and I were able to sit down and discuss some strategy and make some plans for the next year. One of the things that we are moving forward with is a plan for a second campus of C3 Curitiba. We are looking towards planting the new campus in the western part of the city in 2015. Please pray for the team as we continue to push forward and take new ground.

If you would like to see more pictures from the C3 Brazil Conference, just click here. Pastor Dean also preached in our regular Sunday night service. Click here for pics from that as well.

Pease consider supporting Annie and I as we serve in Brazil. Investing in building God’s Kingdom is always a good investment. Just click here to get involved. Obrigado!

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