Brazil Update- The Wheels are Turning…

Feb 2, 2015


2015 is well underway. Things are really starting to come together in Brazil and I wanted to give you an update about a few of them.

1. New Campus– C3 Curitiba is launching a new campus on the other side of town in March. Pastor Erick Stocchero and his wife, Vanessa, will be heading up the team that will be leading C3 Echoville. Echoville is the area where much of Curitiba’s growth is taking place. One of the city’s biggest universities is nearby and there are so many new apartment buildings being built! At the same time, there are very few churches on that part of town. Please pray for Erick, Vanessa, and their team.

rômuloandfamily2. Recife– This is a beautiful city in the Northeast of Brazil. It is about a five hour flight from Curitiba. We have connected with a great young pastor there named Rômulo. He and his wife, Carol, are leading a small church called Igreja Cristã Doxa. He reached out to us last year and wants to become a part of the C3 family of churches. Pastor Ronald and I made a trip up there last year. We are working with him as he builds his team and lays the foundation for his church to grow. Please pray for Rômulo and Carol and their team.

3. Our First C3 Brazil Pastor’s Conference– In March, we will be gathering together in Curitiba for a time of connecting, teaching, and planning. This is going to be very important event. Part of C3 Church’s culture is to create a family atmosphere among its pastors. In too many cases, pastors have left the ministry because they cannot handle the loneliness of ministry. We never want our pastors to feel that they are in this fight alone! Conferences like these serve to build friendships that provide the strength we all need for ministry. Please pray for us as we gather on March 14.

There are some other exciting things in the works in Brazil and other places. I will talk about these in the next update. Please consider joining our support team. Your generosity is impacting so many lives! Just click here to get involved. Obrigado!

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