Brazil Update- Welcome Home!

May 27, 2013

Photo by Priscila Santos

Photo by Priscila Santos

After many months of working hard and praying even harder, we have moved back to Brazil. Pastors Ronald and Chris Berg are graciously hosting us until we can find a place to live. We have some great friends in the church here that are helping us acclimate.

Annie and I already feel like we are back home. Our church family here has welcomed us with open arms and we are excited to be where God wants us to be. Ronald is wasting no time putting us to work. Annie and I will be caring for and overseeing the church’s Discipleship and Connect Groups. This is an area that we are passionate about. Small groups are where the pastoral ministry takes place in the church. This is also the area in which leaders are nurtured and developed. With a vision for 100 C3 churches in Brazil, we are going to need a lot of quality leaders!

This week, we visited with a family in which the wife is dealing with a serious health issue. People all over the world have the same questions. Where is God? Why am I going through this? Does God love me? Pastors Ronald and Chris and Annie and I listened as they shared their fears. We affirmed the faith that they do have and we prayed for them. The Holy Spirit filled the room and God’s peace seemed to come upon them. Families all over the world need Jesus and we are honored to be a part of God’s plan in Brazil.

We spent a big part of our first week apartment hunting. There are several things that we have to do in the next couple of weeks such as registering with the government, setting up a bank account, getting Brazilian ID cards, etc. And we will keep looking for the right place to live. At the same time, we are jumping into life here. C3 Curitiba has several great things planned over the rest of 2013 that will impact many lives.

Would you like to help Annie and I as we train and develop leaders in Brazil? Here is the link if you would like to be a part! Obrigado!






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