Brazil Update- Why Brazil?

Feb 20, 2013


“Work like it all depends on you. Pray like it all depends on God.” Unknown

One of the questions that Annie and I have been asked as we have been back in the US preparing to move back to Brazil is “Why Brazil?” The simple answer is that we feel called to go. Calling is always closely related to vision. It might be your vision or it might be someone else’s vision. The guiding vision for our C3 Churches around the world is the 2020 Vision. Annie and I want to be a part of fulfilling that vision to see 1000 C3 Churches dotting the globe.

Pastor Ronald Berg, of C3 Curitiba, Brazil, has a vision to see 100 churches planted in Brazil. A good local church is the greatest way to reach a community and a nation for Christ. Pastor Ronald’s vision is big and audacious. A vision that big is going to require a lot of people working really hard. It is also going to require that those people pray and believe God every step of the way.

Brazil is a very strategic country. With the World Cup coming up in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, the eyes of the world are going to be focused on Brazil. As a movement of churches, we believe that the time is right to focus on Brazil and South America. Our goal is to see thriving C3 Churches in every country in South America. Brazil is the leading country in South America. It is only right that we are starting there. We also know that it will be Brazilians who will play a leading role in reaching their own nation and the rest of their continent. There is also a need for many others to come alongside to support, train, encourage, and help expand the Kingdom in South America. That is the role that Annie and I see ourselves in.

Thanks to everyone who is partnering with us as we prepare to go back to Brazil. We could not do it without you! Obrigado!


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