Brazil Update- Winding Down

Feb 13, 2017

Annie and granddaughter, Lyla

With our time in Brazil winding down, Annie has gone ahead of me to the United States. She went home last week and will get things rolling for our transition back to to America. I still have a few big events on the calendar and will be in Brazil until March.

We have lived in Curitiba since 2012 so it is not easy to just pack up and leave. We have so many friends here and God has given us a great life in Brazil. At the same time, we know that the season is right for us to relocate back to the US. When we moved down here we committed to five years. We are right at that now in 2017.

Annie’s last spin class in Curitiba.

Our three C3 Churches are healthy and growing and the pastors and leaders are doing amazing things in their respective communities. We are planning on coming back for a ministry trip later this year and then come back at least once a year from here on out. C3 Church Global is a church planting movement and we believe that we will continue to be able to help build great churches in Brazil and in the rest of South America.

We have had the honor or working not only with pastors but also so many of the young couples that make up our churches. These guys are the future of C3 Church in Brazil. The friendships with these guys are priceless. Seeing how so many them have grown as Christians and leaders is just as amazing.

Dinner with two awesome couples right before Annie left for the States.

There are so many stories of what God has done in Brazil. Your participation with us is responsible for so many of these great stories. Those of you who have prayed for us and supported us financially have a share in every changed life. If you would like to keep giving towards missions in Brazil and South America, that would be great. Like I said, we are still going to be working with out churches here and there are some other exciting things on the horizon. Your giving will allow us to continue to have an impact here. Here is the link. Thanks so much!

If you have not seen my Coaching and Consulting page, check it out here. Coaching and consulting is exactly what we have been doing in Brazil for the last five years. If you know a pastor or a church that may need a little help, please forward this along to them. Thanks so much!

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