Brazil Update- Year-End Review

Dec 28, 2015


2015 was an amazing year for us on so many levels. Our grandson, Micah, was born in June. That was by far the highlight of the year! He is beautiful and Sarah and Matt are great parents. This was the first Christmas that Annie and I and our kids have been able to be together in several years. We had a great time!

Our work in Brazil is going very well. C3 Church Curitiba has seen an almost 20 percent growth for each

Pastors Ronald and Chris Berg- C3 Church Curitiba

Pastors Ronald and Chris Berg- C3 Church Curitiba

of the last two years. We work closely with Pastor Ronald and the team in helping develop systems for growth, creating content, training leaders, and serving in a pastoral capacity. Two of the young couples that we are investing in started connect groups of their own this year. There is no greater feeling than seeing people that you have discipled reproducing themselves.

Pastor Ronald also released Annie and I to travel more so that we can spend more time with our other two C3 Churches. We made several trips to the São Paulo area this year. C3 Church Santos continues to grow and thrive under the leadership of Pastors Fabio and Dani. They see people come to Christ almost every week in their services and these new Christians are consistently being discipled and integrated into the life of the church.

With Pastor Fabio Aguieiras

With Pastor Fabio Aguieiras

C3 Santos has been experiencing some solid growth and they have needed a new facility for a while. I coached Pastor Fabio on creating and starting a Vision Builders campaign. The purpose is to raise money over and above the regular tithes and offerings so they can move into a bigger building. Pastor Fabio is hoping to have C3 Santos in a new facility early next year.

In May of this year, C3 Santos launched a new church plant. C3 Church ABC was planted in São Bernardo do

Pastors Sidnei and Raquel Rodrigues- C3 ABC

Pastors Sidnei and Raquel Rodrigues- C3 ABC

Campo.Pastors Sidnei and Raquel Rodrigues have a big vision and see several future campuses in the cities surrounding São Paulo. São Paulo is the seventh largest city in the world and C3 ABC is strategically placed to have an impact on this great city.

Annie and Pastor Dani Aguieiras

Annie and Pastor Dani Aguieiras

We have been praying that God would also allow us to start having an impact in other South American countries. A great couple from C3 Santos was recently transferred to Santiago, Chile because of a work situation. Cleiton and Milena were Pastor Fabio and Dani’s right hand couple at C3 Santos for several years. They both see this transfer as an opportunity to expand the Kingdom. They are planning on starting a connect group in 2016 with a vision for planting a church.

The 2016 calendar is filling up with great events for our churches. We are in the process of scheduling some awesome pastors to come and visit us from the United States and Australia. We have an Australian mission team coming in February. Every event is designed to help our churches grow and have more impact in their communities.

Prayer Needs

1. Annie and I: Protection, health, and finances.

2. Our churches in Brazil: C3 Curitiba, C3 Santos, and C3 ABC

3. Workers: We need more pastors, church-planters, worship leaders, and other leaders who are passionate about seeing the Great Commission fulfilled in Brazil and the rest of South America.

If you would like to be a part of what God is doing in Brazil, we would love to have you on our team! Just click here. Obrigado!

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