Brazil Update- “You are Doing What?”

Apr 10, 2013


risk“The will of God is just beyond your comfort zone.”

As Annie and I have been working hard on getting everything done that we need to do so we can move to Brazil, the reactions from people have been priceless. Our friends are incredibly supportive and encouraging. We feel their support and prayers every day!

Other people have posed some interesting questions:

“So you are leaving your kids and family and moving to another country?”

“But you don’t know the language?”

“But aren’t you guys a little old to be starting over?”

Annie and I will both freely admit that we are very excited to be moving to Brazil and, at the same time, a little scared (and some days, more than a little scared!). We put our trust in a big God, however, and believe that we are following His leading. Nothing important in life is completely risk free. We believe that Brazil and South America are worth whatever risks we are taking and worth whatever sacrifices we are making. We are so excited about the journey that God is taking us on!

If you would like to partner with us as we serve in Brazil, here is the link! Obrigado!



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