Brazil Update- One of Us is Crazy and Other Interesting Tidbits…

Nov 11, 2013

Brazilian Driver's License

So, we continue to work on getting our Brazilian Driver’s Licenses. Last week, Annie and I were scheduled to have a medical exam, a psychological exam, and a written test to complete all the requirements to get our licenses. She and I were scheduled to go to different locations in the city during the week to have all of this done.

The medical exam sounded kind of scary. What were they going to check and how intrusive were they going to be? Thankfully, the doctor only checked my eyes and they are fine. Annie was sent to another location on another day to have this done. They checked her blood pressure as well.

Then came the fun part. On another day, I drove across town to have my psychological screening and my written test. Of course, the entire process is in Portuguese and you are not allowed to have a translator. My friend, Bruno, went with me but could not help me very much. The psychological screening was first. The doctor asked me some questions from a sheet in front of her. I understood the first three or four and was able to answer them. They were mostly personal information questions.

The questions and the Portuguese then got harder and I was lost. The doctor picked up on this and told me that I had failed. She said that I could not continue in the process until I could understand and speak more Portuguese. I was told that I could apply again in 90 days and pick up where I left off.

Annie had her psychological and written test a couple of days later. She passed the psychological interview and moved on to the written test. It covered street signs, rules of the road, and some interesting picture problems. Which of these pictures do not belong? There were also several pictures of different shapes. What shape should come next? She said that there was also an exercise where you are asked to draw a series of straight lines on a piece of paper.

Annie passed this test as well. Clearly, she is much saner and much smarter than me! The irony is that she still cannot get her driver’s license. As it turns out, her Georgia Driver’s License gives only the initial for her middle name. On her passport, though, the middle name is spelled out. The Brazilian DMV told us that clearly the person on these documents cannot be the same person, even though the photos bear a striking resemblance. We have to provide some more documentation to try and clear up this discrepancy.

Cleiton and MileanaOn another, less stressful note, Annie and I had a great weekend in Santos. We went up to attend Mileana and Cleiton’s wedding. These guys are great friends and we are so happy for them. They serve Pastors Fabio and Dani in so many ways.

I preached at C3 Santos on Sunday night. We had a great service and saw two men respond to the invitation to commit their lives to Christ. Annie and I also got to spend some quality time with Pastors Fabio and Dani.

We have some special guests visiting us in the next few weeks. Stay tuned to see whoPreaching in Santos in Iron Man Shirt shows up in Brazil for a visit! Thanks so much to those of you who support us financially and pray for us. We could not do what we do without you!

If you would like to help us have an impact in Brazil, here is the link. Obrigado! (Thank you!)

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