Building Bigger Muscles

Nov 27, 2013


“When the Devil had finished tempting Jesus, he left him until the next opportunity came. Then Jesus returned to Galilee, filled with the Holy Spirit’s power. Soon he became well known throughout the surrounding country.”

After Jesus’ time of being tempted in the Wilderness, He returned, “in the power of the Spirit.” Rather than being crushed by the period of testing, it had actually made Him stronger. Jesus wasn’t made weaker by the temptations, He was actually prepared by it for the next phase of His ministry. James told his readers that they should, “count it all joy when you encounter various trials, because you know that the trying of your faith produces endurance.”

When I go into the gym to lift weights, one of the main things that I am trying to develop is more strength. This only happens as I lift consistently heavier weights. At first, the muscles scream at me that they cannot do it. It is too heavy. Over time, however, the muscles become accustomed to moving the weight and it is no longer difficult.

The reason that the muscles adjust to the increasingly heavier load is because they are broken down through exertion. During rest and recovery periods, they grow back bigger and stronger. I know I have had a good workout when I feel some muscle soreness the next day.

Trials, temptations, and tests are not given to destroy us. They are given to make us stronger. God is raising up an army of strong warriors who will be able to take the fight to the enemy. We will only be able to do this if we develop our spiritual muscles.

What are some ways that we can develop spiritual strength?

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