Captain America and Courage

Jun 12, 2020

This is one of my favorite clips from the movie “Captain America.” This short clip tells us something about courage. Steve Rogers had not become Captain America yet. He was still the skinny, sickly young man with a huge heart.

If you have watched the Captain America or the Avengers movies, or maybe, like me, you even remember the Captain America comic books, it is easy to focus on the bulging muscles, the heroic feats, and the dogged determination of Captain America. Never forget, though, Steve Rogers was brave and courageous before he had bulging muscles. He had the heart of a superhero before he ever became a superhero.

You may not feel like a superhero. You may relate more to the pre-Captain America version of Steve Rogers. Courage is an interesting thing, though. Did you notice what happened in this movie clip? All of the big, muscular recruits ran away at the first sign of danger.

The skinny, weak version of Steve Rogers, however, ran towards the danger. Courage is not defined by big muscles, a big bank account, or even superior intelligence. Courage is the ability to push past the fear that tries to hold us back and confront the danger in front of us. Everyone feels fear. The brave person is able to push the fear aside and still do what needs to be done.

How do you respond to fear? Does it control you or do you control it?

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