Creating Culture in Our Organization

May 23, 2016


Every organization has a particular culture. This culture can be created by default (doing nothing) or we can be intentional and create the kind of culture that we want it to have. Default culture is usually not healthy. When we create culture, we can put what we want into the organization’s DNA.

Here are three ways to create culture:

1. We talk about it. 2 Tim. 3:10-11; Phil. 3:1- We never get tired of talking about what is important. Examples- Meetings, sermons, conversations, emails, Facebook posts, website, Whatsapp groups, etc.

Leaders especially have to talk about the type of culture that they want to see in the business, organization, or church. There should never be a mystery about what our values are and what we want the organization to look like. When you think you have talked about culture enough, you are just getting started.

2. We live it. The power of example is seen in the Apostle Paul. He said, “Imitate me as I follow Christ.” Phil. 4:9 Our people will learn more by watching us than by just what we say. Our example is powerful and we must never forget that our employees, volunteers, and members are watching us closely. If we live what we say, they will probably help us in creating and perpetuating the kind of culture we want.

3. We praise others who practice our values. 1 Cor. 16:15-18 Publicly honoring those who are living out our values is so important. This reinforces what we want to see practiced. There is not much more powerful than we honor someone in front of their peers and hold them up as an example. This will inspire the same kind of behavior in others.

What are some other ways that we can create the right kind of culture?

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