Face to Face with Fear

Mar 25, 2013


“Fear only bothers you when you try to do something that matters.” Jon Acuff

In most of our lives, we can avoid having to deal with fear by avoiding doing things that are risky. Fear does not attack the status quo or the average life. Fear assails the life that tries to step out of that status quo and do something meaningful.

How different would history be if these people had been controlled by fear?

Moses– “Go back to Egypt where I might be put to death? No thanks, I’ll just stay here in my safe, comfortable life as a shepherd.”

David– “I have already been anointed as the next king. Why would I risk everything by fighting that giant? Let someone else fight him.”

Jesus– “So, if I just worship you, Lucifier, I won’t have to be crucified and you will give me the kingdoms of the world? Sounds like a good deal.”

Martin Luther– “Me against the Pope and the entire Roman Catholic Church? Those are not very good odds. I better just keep quiet.”

History is full of examples of people who stood up when everyone else sat down. Don’t think for a minute that they did not struggle with fear when they stood against the tide of public opinion. The only difference is that some people chose to push past the fear so that they could embrace their destiny.

How do you handle fear?

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