Getting Out of the Ditch

Nov 21, 2012


Have you  ever felt that you were stuck? There were a lot of cars stuck in ditches all around Atlanta last year during our annual snow and ice storm. For most of these motorists, a call to a tow truck and $100.00 later, they were back on the road.

It is a little more complicated to get your life unstuck, though. None of us like living in a rut. Living there leads to frustration, depression, and apathy. The reason that most of us get stuck is that we lose momentum in our lives. We feel that we have gone as far as we can go in our profession, our relationships have grown stale, or we don’t feel that we are growing in our personal lives.

I heard Andy Stanley comment on a recent podcast that, “Change creates momentum.” I have found that making changes, even small changes in my life, can provide a fresh perspective. With a car that is stuck in the mud, it often just takes a little bit of forward momentum to get it out of the mud and moving again.

What are some things that we can change to generate some fresh momentum?

  1. Change your workout routine. Try some new machines or exercises. Buy a few sessions with a personal trainer. If you don’t have a workout routine, start one.
  2. Instead of listening to music on the way to work, listen to a book on CD or a podcast. Why not use your commute as a time to learn something new?
  3. Do something different at work. I realize that this not always possible. If the opportunity is there, however, look for new ways to do your job, or talk to your boss about some additional responsibilities.
  4. Meet some new people. Being around the same people all the time might give us a sense of security, but making new friends can help give us a push to get us out of that rut.

Can you think of any other ways to get unstuck? What did you do the last time you found yourself in a rut?

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