Good Decisions=A Good Life

Sep 17, 2012


Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity.”

In the same way that bad decisions set us up for failure, so good decisions and good life planning lead to success. Unfortunately, too many of us go through life with no plan other than to make it to Friday. If that is the extent of our vision, we should not be surprised that life is a struggle for us. Maybe you have heard these questions before:

“Why did they get promoted? I have worked here longer than they have.” Maybe because they are at work early, stay late, work hard, and don’t criticize their boss?

“Why do they have such a good marriage?” Maybe because they work really hard at it and are both going in the same direction in life?

“Why did their kids turn out so good?” Maybe because they started molding their will at an early age and have made raising their children a priority?

“Why are they being blessed financially?” Maybe because they are generous people who understand the power of giving, saving, and minimizing their debt?

Are you happy with where you are at in life? Where do you see room for improvement?

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