How Long is Your Reach?

Jan 20, 2014

Hand Holding Globe

“Good leaders influence their audience; great leaders influence the world.” Michael Hyatt

Leadership equals influence. Leaders influence people. A question that I have been mulling over lately is, “How do I increase the reach of my influence?” Is that even possible? Can a leader enlarge their own leadership platform?

For many leaders, this is not even a consideration. They are content with the sphere of influence that they have. They have no desire to increase the reach of their leadership. For others leaders, however, you feel the urge inside of you to reach farther so that you can help more people. You love influencing those around you, but you also want to have an impact on a larger scale.

If you are a pastor, this might mean expansion and opening a new campus or even planting a new church in another city or even another state. Our home church in Atlanta has multiple campuses with another starting this week. My wife and I relocated to Curitiba, Brazil, last year to help with church planting activities here. Our church in Curitiba is growing and we anticipate starting another campus in the next year.

If you are business person, this could be the time to open a new location or look for new markets that have not been reached yet. If you are a writer and have self-published, this could be the year that you find a publisher that can help you get your message out to a larger audience. If you are a blogger, what steps can you take to enlarge your reading audience?

How big is your sphere of influence? Are you content with it as it is or would you like to see it enlarged? What are some steps you can take to increase your reach?

Would you consider helping Annie and I expand our influence in Brazil? Just click here to get involved. We appreciate you! Obrigado!

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