It Just Feels Like Home- C3 Church Culture- Part Four

Sep 11, 2013

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We recently led a four week course here at C3 Church Curitiba that highlighted the top ten values that define C3 Churches throughout the world. The class was developed from this short video in which Dr. Phil and Pastor Chris Pringle discuss these core values. As the team here in Brazil works to plant and adopt churches into the C3 Movement, we want to see these ten important values at the heart of every C3 Church.

9.Servanthood. People find meaning and fulfillment as they serve a cause that is bigger than themselves. This is a foundational Kingdom principle. Jesus made it very clear that if we do not learn to serve, we will never learn to lead. The best leaders are always the greatest servants.

Serving is not natural for most people. They have to be challenged and trained to serve. We live in a consumer society and would all rather be served by someone else. Helping people learn to serve is often an important step in the discipleship process. Every great C3 Church is built by committed servants who have taken ownership of the vision and work hard to bring it to pass.

10. Freedom. This is one of the most distinctive traits of C3 Churches. We celebrate the freedom that Christ has purchased for us and we do not apologize for it. There is a delicate balance between being relaxed and being disciplined, between having liberty and staying holy.

We believe, however, that the Holy Spirit is our internal guide Who always points us to true north. Christianity is never about a list of rules. It is a relationship with a real Person Who we love. Rules are easy. They are black and white. Relationships can be messy. What does my relationship with Jesus require of me? We will take the relationship over the rules every time!

These ten cultural distinctives provide a snapshot of what we desire and pray that our C3 Churches look like. In the middle of everything, though, is our Lord Jesus. Everything that we do and try to do is to honor Him and try to share His love with a world that so desperately needs it.

What are some of the cultural distinctives of your church? Have you ever thought about a church even having its own culture?

Would you consider being a part of our ministry in Brazil.? We would love to have you on our team! Obrigado! (Thanks!)

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