It Just Feels Like Home- C3 Church Culture- Part Three

Sep 9, 2013

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We recently led a four week course here at C3 Church Curitiba that highlighted the top ten values that define C3 Churches throughout the world. The class was developed from this short video in which Dr. Phil and Pastor Chris Pringle discuss these core values. As the team here in Brazil works to plant and adopt churches into the C3 Movement, we want to see these ten important values at the heart of every C3 Church.

6. Leadership. Leaders change the world. They are social architects of their churches, businesses, communities, and even nations. Michael Hyatt says, “Good leaders influence their audience. Great leaders influence the world.” At C3 Church we are intentional about developing and raising up leaders that are going to influence the world.

At the same time, we understand that leadership is never about creating superstars. It is about creating a great team. Every great team has players that score a goal. We honor them, pat them on the back, and cheer for them. Then the team goes back to playing the game. Of course, teams have captains that lead, provide direction, and inspire that other players to give their all for their common goal.

7. Discipleship. We do not want to just have a culture of people coming to church and then leaving unchanged. Steve Jobs said, “We are here to put a dent in the universe.” That should be on every pastor’s wall. It is not church attenders that change the world. It is disciples. At C3 Church we want to take people on the journey of discipleship. What does it mean to really follow Jesus?

Jesus provides us with the best example of what it means to do this. He called twelve men to follow Him at the beginning of His ministry. Over the next three years, He spent a lot time training them, both formally and informally. He also gave them opportunities to lead and minister and teach the things He was teaching them.

The pattern for discipleship really has not changed. We still challenge people to follow Jesus and us as we lead them on this life journey. This process still takes place formally through small groups, leadership training courses, and the School of Ministry. Discipleship also happens informally, over coffee, dinner, and serving together on a service team in church.

8. Being Relevant. If the Church is to reach the world, we must speak in a language that they can understand. We are constantly working to speak and communicate in a way that unchurched people can relate to. The message never changes but how we share the message is constantly changing. 

We have to be intentional about this. If staying relevant is not something that we are constantly evaluating, we fall into the trap of doing things the old way every time. We will revert to using methods that are comfortable to us but have little or no meaning for our audience.

Part of being relevant also means that the Church should lead the way in their presentation of the Gospel. In the Middle Ages, it was the Church that was on the cutting edge of using the arts to communicate their faith. We need to recapture that today. Everything we do should be done with excellence and quality

To be continued…

Would you consider being a part of our ministry in Brazil.? We would love to have you on our team! Obrigado! (Thanks!)



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