Just a Normal Jewish Family?

Aug 15, 2012


Jacob and Esau by Michel Corneille (1630)

Just a Normal Jewish Family?

The story of Esau and Jacob has always fascinated me. This was a very dysfunctional family. If they had television back then, I am sure that they would have made it onto The Jerry Springer Show or even had their own reality show.

If I am honest, I have to admit that I relate to Esau better than I do Jacob. Esau was a man’s man. He was an outdoorsman, a hunter, and an adventurer. Jacob sat around with his mother watching cooking shows and sewing. He actually seems a bit effeminate. We later find out that this could not be further from the truth as he produced twelve sons and several daughters from four wives! He just does not come across as a “manly man.”

Esau was the first born and was his father’s favorite. Jacob was his mother’s favorite. Esau counted on his strength and skill to make it through life. We will see in the next post, however,¬†that he takes his position as the first born for granted. Jacob counted on his guile and ability to deceive and manipulate people. His name even means, “supplanter or deceiver.” These two brothers¬†were destined for conflict!

What was your relationship like with your brothers and sisters? Did it ever look like your parents were playing favorites?

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