Leadership = Clarity

Jun 17, 2016


There are so many definitions for leadership. Imparting vision, exerting influence, providing direction, guiding a group toward goals, etc, are all good definitions. One definition of leadership that is not talked about as much though, is that leaders provide clarity.

We can give direction, vision and exert influence but without clarity, though, our people are just going to be confused. In a very real sense, as leaders we should be removing the clutter so our people can do their jobs. Leaders clear the path through the jungle.

There is nothing better than meeting with the boss, CEO, or pastor and leaving with clarity. We know where we are going and how we are going to get there. We know what everyone’s roles are and what is required of us. There is no confusion. The leader has made things clear.

Do you feel that as a leader, you make things clear for your people? Have you worked for a leader that did not make things as clear as they needed to be? How can you bring more clarity to your organization?

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