Leading From the Middle- Part Two

May 28, 2012

Why is middle management so important? Yes, it is the CEO’s, Senior Pastors, and Company Presidents that will set the vision for the organinzation. It is the Middle Managers, however, who are going to make that vision a reality. They are going to make it happen by the way they manage their front line supervisors.

The Middle Manager has the incredible opportunity to train, mentor, and equip the Front Line Supervisors. It is easy to overlook this in the day-to-day reporting of numbers, meetings with upper management, and other administrative responsibilities. While these things are important, there is nothing more important than our people. They are our most valuable resource.

There is nothing worse than a Middle Manager whose only interaction with their subordinates is to,  “get those numbers for the CEO,” or to ask, “What is holding things up on the line?” If we only talk to our Front Line Supervisors when something is wrong or when we feel that we need to correct something, we are not doing them or our organization any favors.

The most effective Middle Managers are those who spend some time each day interacting with their subordinates. Instead of feeling that we should be telling them something, try getting into the habit of listening to their concerns and issues with their subordinates. What are some ways that we can make their jobs easier? Are there any obstacles that we can remove that would make their jobs easier?

When Middle Managers invest in training and developing their Front Line Supervisors, they are investing in their organization for many years to come. We want our Front Line Supervisors investing in their subordinates as well. The Middle Manager is often the person who trains the Supervisors in how to train their subordinates. This creates a  positive culture in the organization that will result continual growth and improvement on every level.

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