Looking for an Adventure?

Apr 3, 2013


Are you looking for a job? I don’t think the Pony Express is hiring anymore but what an exciting job that must have been. The money would surely have been enticing. $25 a week was a lot of money. Most unskilled laborers only made about $1 a week in wages so this would be a huge pay raise for most of these men.

More than the money though, I think that young men were attracted to the Pony Express because of the challenge. Were they tough enough? Could they measure up? Did they have what it took to survive all the challenges that the job presented? Were they willing to risk their lives to prove that they were the kind of man who could do this job?

I wonder if, just maybe, we have lost something of that risk taking spirit in our modern society. For those of us who are Christians, the tendency is the same. We gravitate towards the safe, the comfortable, the average life. It is safe in the middle and it is safe in being average. The older that I get, the easier it is to justify taking the easy road and pursuing comfort. What about you?

To be continued…

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