Make it Easy on Yourself!

Dec 2, 2016


The Christmas Season has officially started! More and more people are shopping on-line and using their extra time to spend with family and friends. I know that some people enjoy the chaos of going to the mall this time of year. Good for them! They probably also enjoy a nice, relaxing game of Russian roulette!

For those of you wanting a more peaceful holiday shopping season, let me help you. Let me give you two ideas to make your Christmas shopping easy this year.

1. Check out my Resource Page. I have seven books that will appeal to everyone on your list. Check them out and send a book to someone you love!

2. I review great books regularly on my site. Just click here for a list of books that I have reviewed. If you see something you like, click on the link provided. Amazon will show me a little love and you will have a great present for someone you love!

Annie and I are serving the Lord in Brazil. We would love to have you on our team. Just click here to get involved. Obrigado and Feliz Natal!

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