Management by Involvement-Part Two

Jul 29, 2013

Good Manager

Anytime you compare and contrast two big companies, you are going to be painting with large brush strokes. I’m pretty sure that every manager in George’s company is not as bad as he was. If you missed it, I discussed him in “Management by Fear? Part One.” There are probably some good ones out there. And every Wal Mart manager is probably not as good as the one I described in “Management by Involvement.”

What these two examples do, however, is provide us with a starting place for evaluating what our own management style is. Our most valuable asset is not our bank account, our buildings, infrastructure, customer base, or our computer system. Our most valuable asset is our people.

On them, we succeed or we fail. They can make us or break us. If we fail to realize this and try and manage by fear, intimidation, or manipulation, we will find that our most talented people will go somewhere else. And who can blame them?

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