Movie Review- Act of Valor

Mar 1, 2012

“Inspired by true events.”

As the film opened, those words flashed across the screen. As the story unfolded, a CIA operative was kidnapped by a group of terrorists in Central America. She was trying to obtain intel on a weapons smuggler with strong ties to a militant Islamic group. A group of Navy SEALs were inserted to rescue the agent. It was pretty much non-stop action from that point on. The combat sequences were as good as any I ever seen in a movie.

One of the things that I found intriguing about this movie was the fact that active-duty Navy SEALs are starring in it. This only added to the realism and ensured that the movie got the little things right. The weapons handling and tactics were superb and I caught myself throughout the movie leaning forward to get a better view. “Where is the bad guy? What is around that corner?”

“Inspired by true events.”

After experiencing Act of Valor, I am more curious than ever. There is no doubt the the United States Special Operations Group’s warriors will never get the credit for much of the good they do protecting, not only American citizens, but peace loving people everywhere. I am humbled by the sacrifce of these warriors. As Winston Churchill said, “Never was so much owed by so many to so few.”

Act of Valor is a very good reminder that there are still many evil people in the world that hate America and our way of life. Thank God for the brave men and women that have volunteered to place themselves between us and the bad guys. This movie will be probably be a great recruiting tool for the United States Military for years to come. If there had been a recruiter at the door of the theater, I would have tried to enlist!

Here is the movies website if you want to see more. I’d reccomend the video that showed how they used live ammo in the movie.

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