Zombies and Terrorists? A New Book Series!

Sep 11, 2017

For a long time, I have wanted to use my law enforcement background as a springboard to write some fiction. Of course, I wrote two memoirs of my police career but I wanted to do more with my experience as a street cop. So, I am really excited to announce a new series that I think many of you will enjoy. For some, this might not be your type of story. No problem.

If you like the tv show, The Walking Dead, I know you will enjoy The Zombie Terror War Series. The series focuses on the war on terrorism from a bit of a different angle. Imagine what would happen if an extremist nation was able to develop a virus that killed people and then turned them into killers? How would the police and military fight that threat?

Here is the synopsis that is on Amazon:

“The war on terror has taken a terrifying twist. Iranian scientists have developed a deadly bio-terror virus that not only kills its victims but causes them to reanimate as monsters who viciously attack everyone around them, spreading the infection to those they bite. An elite team of former military and law enforcement experts are brought in to confront this shocking new terror threat. Chuck McCain and his squad of federal officers find themselves confronting what they thought only existed in their nightmares. Will they be able to prevent the the collapse of society as we know it?”

The Zombie Terror War Series will contain four books. I am releasing the first two on Monday, September 11. The cover for the Book One, When the Future Ended, is at the top of this email. Here is the cover for the second book, The Darkest Part of the Night.

If you like the stories, please consider giving me a good review on Amazon. I would love your feedback! Of course, you will also be able to read the first chapter for free on Amazon so check them out. And if you like the books, please consider sharing them with a friend. Thanks so much! Here are the links:

When the Future Ended

The Darkest Part of the Night

Annie and I are preparing to go to Brazil for a month in October. We will be working with our churches there. I will also be visiting Santiago, Chile, where C3 Santiago is beginning to take shape. If you would like to participate in what we are doing just click here. Thanks so much!

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