A grief stricken boyfriend married his dead girlfriend at her funeral and then posted their wedding snaps on his Facebook page.

TV producer Chadil Yuenying is seen in one video of the grim ceremony wearing a top hat and a tuxedo as he slides the wedding ring onto ‘bride’ Ann Kamsuk’s finger at the ceremony in Surin, Thailand.

The couple had frequently talked about marrying, but had never got round to it until Ann died suddenly, reports Polish Fakt newspaper and The German Herald newspaper of the bizarre service.

He later told well wishers on his Facebook account: “In your eyes, our action might seem as a great love.”

“But for us, it is the mistake which we could not go back in time to correct. Remember, life is short. Do what you desire, and take good care of the people you love, be they your parents, your siblings. You might never get that chance again.”