Staying Connected

Feb 13, 2015


Do you ever pause for a minute in your busy day and marvel at how far we have come? We can communicate instantaneously with another person almost anywhere in the world. With a few keystrokes, we have access to a vast storehouse of knowledge. There really is no excuse for ignorance today.

“To whom much is given, much is required.” I want to be a good steward of all that I have been given and I know that you do too. That is why I am constantly working to create and present the best content that I can. I am honored that you have chosen to join me on the journey!

Can I ask you for a big favor? If you have not already done so, would you take 30 seconds and sign up to receive my blog by email? I want to make sure that you never miss an issue. This will also allow me to keep you updated on what we are doing in Brazil, and let you be the first to know about some exciting new book releases and other great projects. If you have a friend that you know who would enjoy my posts, please forward them along.

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As always, if you would like to support Annie and I as we are serving the Lord in Brazil, just click here. Your gifts are helping us impact so many lives! Obrigado!

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