Story of the Week

Aug 26, 2011

Third Place this week goes to that lovable dictator, Muammar Qaddafi, for this headline, Qaddafi’s Crush? Condoleezza Rice. Rebels searching his palace found a photo album dedicated exclusively to Secretary Rice. He referred to her as his, “darling black African woman.” While I’m guessing it must be a little creepy to have a nutty dictator stalking you, it does seem that we could have used this to our advantage. Instead of NATO bombing and sending troops, BO should have just promised Muammar a date with Condie. He would have come running!

This weeks Second Place story goes to someone in the music industry. Hip-Hop Artist Calls Gun at Airport ‘Accident.’ Hip-hop artists and weapons arrests are not really news stories anymore, they are so common. Singer, Memphitz, said he forgot the pistol was in his carry-on bag. The article said that he has a valid Georgia Pistol Permit, but this still¬†doesn’t allow you to carry a gun onto a plane. I can sympathize with Memphitz, though. Being a hip-hop artist is a dangerous job. You never know when another rapper is going to take a shot at you.

This week’s winning headline¬†is, Cops: Newlyweds Shoplifted Food for Their Wedding Reception. The Pennsylvania couple, Arthur and Brittany, had gotten married the week before and had a reception scheduled for Saturday, August 25th. A couple of hours before their reception started, they realized they did not have any food so they went to the local grocery store, loaded a shopping cart up with yummy treats and then left without paying for it. They were arrested, and yes, they missed their reception.

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