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Oct 28, 2011

What a great week in the news! It was really tough picking this weeks winners. I brought in celebrity judge @jaxspell to help me out. We awarded Third Place to: Door-to-Door Flasher Knocks on Police Chief’s Home. We are really starting to see some wierd stories coming out of Pennsylvania. It must have been a heck of a night for Brody (pictured above). He was still drunk at 0615 in the morning and wandering around his neighborhood knocking on doors. When residents would open the door, he would flash them. Things did not go so well when he knocked on the local police chief’s door. The chief did not like what he saw and wrestled Brody to the ground and arrested him. Brody’s only response about why he was doing what he was doing was, “I was trying to scare the children.” What a great guy!

This story from India took Second Place: Indian Cult Leader Looks to Expand Family of 39 Wives, 94 Children. It seems that for Zionnghaka, 39 wives and 94 children just aren’t enough. He is looking to expand that family. 40 wives and 100 kids are much nicer, rounder numbers but how does this guy do it? I know the cost of living in India is pretty low but can you imagine how much a trip to Wal Mart costs for that group? And how many minivans do they have parked in theĀ front yard? Zionnghaka is 67 years old but clearly he is not slowing down. If he keeps this up, he is going to have to start ordering his wives from Russia.

And this weeks Winning Story is from Texas: Woman Allegedly Beaten with Frozen Armadillo. The woman was meeting the man in a parking lot to buy the frozen animal. Evidently, some Texans like to eat the little critters. They just don’t sell them anywhere, though. You have to purchase them from a guy, in a parking lot, out of his trunk. When the customer and seller could not agree on a price, the seller began hitting his customer with the frozen armadillo. She received bruises all over her body. I don’t know why this woman went to so much trouble to get her armadillo. The last time I was out West, there were dead ones all along the road. They weren’t frozen so they might have been just a little tangy…

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