Story of the Week

Dec 2, 2011

The World of Hip Hop brings us our first headline this week: At Least Eight Shot Including 1-Year-Old Child in West Oakland. Rapper, Kafani, shown at the left, whose rap name is, “Da Ice King,” was shooting a rap music video in the parking lot of a liquor store. A crowd gathered to watch but an argument broke out among the bystanders. Of course, since this was Oakland, guns were pulled and bullets started flying. Police found 50 spent casings in the parking lot. Da Ice King’s van was riddled with bullet holes and eight people were wounded. The one year old child is still in critical condition. As long as hip hop continues to glorify violence and the criminal lifestyle, these kinds of incidents are going to continue to take place.

Our Second Place Story comes out of India this week: Snakes Released in Taxman’s Office. It seems that Mr. Patel, the snake charmer, felt that he was being taxed too much so he paid a visit to his local tax office. I guess it was the Indian version of the IRS. Rather than arguing, protesting, or threatening violence, he just emptied a bag of over 2 dozen cobras into the middle of the building. That seemed to stir everyone into movement in the office. Maybe we could pay this guy to release a bag of snakes into the Congress?

This weeks winning headline is out of Kentucky: Mother Beaten By Son Over Kool-Aid, Police Say. Some states take their Kool-Aid a little more seriously than others. According to the police, “35-year-old Lequan Washington became angry when his mother told him to go get his own glass of Kool-Aid that she had already prepared.” Lequan did not want to interrupt his video game and got angry that his mom would not bring him his drink. Lequan punched and stomped his mom and did some damage to her house. He was arrested. I am sure this was all just a big understanding. Lequan mistook the glass of Kool-Aid for Hawaiian Punch!

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