Story of the Week

Dec 16, 2011

This week’s first headline comes from Colorado. It involves three friends, three horses, and alcohol: Riders Take Horses Into Steamboat Springs Safeway. The three amigos had been out bar hopping. I guess it is not Driving Under the Influence if you are on a horse. After visiting several bars, they rode their horses into a Starbucks and then into a Safeway grocery store to do a little shopping. The police ended up tazing and arresting one of the riders when he refused to leave. Maybe the guys just had bad backs and there were no motorized carts available. Anyway, the Wild West is still alive and well! Check out the video of them doing a little shopping while mounted:

Second Place this week goes to this bizarre story out of Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia Beheads Woman for Practicing ‘Sorcery.’ A couple of months ago, I mentioned the story of the Saudi woman being sentenced to a Flogging for having been caught driving. This week, a woman was executed by beheading for the conviction of Sorcery. I know, there is someone out there saying, “Don’t keep giving the Saudis a hard time. The United States had their own Witch Trials.” Yes, we did, back in 1692! This is 2011 and the Saudis are beheading women accused of being witches? And this nation is one of our closest allies in the Middle East?

And this week’s winning headline is: Woman Stabs Anger Management Classmate. Luna and Faribah were both being required to attend a court mandated Anger Management Course in Oregon. Part of the class involved watching a Dr. Phil episode about anger. The two women began arguing about the show and Faribah ended the argument by stabbing Luna in the neck with a knife and wounding her. Luna is suing the course instructor and the company that provided the training for not protecting her. Faribah was arrested and will probably have to attend another Anger Management Course as part of her sentence. Maybe next time, they won’t make her watch Dr. Phil.

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