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Dec 23, 2011

If you are waiting on Fed Ex to deliver your Christmas Presents, you might just consider waiting on Santa to bring them on his sleigh. It might be safer that way after this headline- Is This the World’s Worst Delivery Man? FedEx Guy Caught THROWING a Computer Monitor Over a Fence. A security camera caught the California FedEx employee tossing a computer monitor over a fence into the deliveree’s yard. The box was clearly marked as to its contents and the recipient said that he was at home. Ouch!

Second Place this week goes to this headline out of Connecticut: ‘Nervous Bowels’ Alleged Bank Robber in Jail. This is an interesting story. It seems that heroin addict and convicted bank robber, Russell, (pictured) was out driving around with his wife and two young kids. Russell then pulled into the parking lot of a local bank. The first hint of trouble was when a customer came into the bank and said that a guy was “pooping” in the parking lot. After Russell finished taking care of that business, he came in and robbed the bank. The police recognized Russell from the security footage. He and his wife had just been arrested a few weeks earlier in a purse snatching robbery. In that case, their four year old told the police, “Daddy didn’t take it. Mommy did.” Gotta love kids!

This weeks winning headline comes to us out of Texas- Texans Surprise Marine’s Widow and Son with a New House. United States Marine Scott Wood died a month ago from wounds suffered in combat in Iraq. He left behind his wife, Sarah, and five year old son, Landon. Sarah and Landon were living in a single room in her parent’s house. The Houston Texan football team invited Sarah and Landon to come to the December 18th game against the Carolina Panthers. They told her that they wanted to honor Scott’s memory at half-time and present Landon with a bicycle. The Texans did all that but they also had a much bigger surprise. In front of 71,000 people, Sarah was told that she and Landon were being given their own house, mortagage free, courtesy of Operation Finally Home. Kudos to this fine organization and the Houston Texans for taking care of the family of one of America’s fallen heroes. Watch this video of Sarah’s reaction. Make sure you have a box of tissues handy.

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