Story of the Week

Dec 29, 2011

With the New Year’s weekend coming up, I guess the local media felt that they had to put this one out there: “Police Cracking Down on Drunk Drivers.” Oh, really? Thanks for telling me. What have they been doing the rest of the year, letting them go with a warning? “So, you have only drank a six pack tonight, sir? OK, I’ll let you go this time but just wait. In a few weeks, we will really be cracking down on drunk drivers.”

Second Place this week goes to: “Deputy: Strip Search Finds Crack Between Buttocks.” This gem is from Spartanburg, South Carolina. A traffic stop for Speeding, an arrest for Suspended Driver’s License, and a discovery of drugs in the car led to a discovery of more drugs tucked away, “where the sun don’t shine.” I wonder if this headline was an accident or if the reporter is just that witty. I am guessing accident…

This weeks winning headline takes us back into the world of Islam. Iran Fails to Silence Critics by Changing Woman’s Death Sentence From Stoning to Hanging. Sakineh (pictured) was sentenced to death for adultery. There is no mention of where the man involved in the crime is. The original sentence for her was to be stoned to death. Yep, in 2011, the Iranians are still using rocks to kill people. After Amnesty International got ahold of this story, however, the Iranians changed the sentence to “execution by hanging.” The officials said they did not have the “necessary facilities” for stoning. This begs the question, “What kind of facilities do you need to stone someone?” Of course, hanging is much easier. You just need a rope and a low hanging tree branch. Once again, the dark, evil side of Islam is plain to see.

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