Story of the Week

Jan 13, 2012

This week’s first story comes out of North Carolina, Boy, 14, Shoots Intruder after Gang of FOUR Men Try to Break into House. The young man was home with his 17 year old sister when they saw four men walking around their rural home. When the four predators started trying to get in, the 14 year old grabbed a shotgun, called 911, and hid his sister in a closet. When one of the thugs smashed a door open and came in, the 14 year old shot him with the shotgun. The man ran out to the front yard and collapsed. When the police got there, the first suspect was dead. They eventually tracked down and arrested the other three. No charges will be filed against the boy who was protecting his sister, himself, and their home.

Second Place goes to: Bank Robber Hands Gun to Teller. Police in London are looking for a guy who needs to practice more if he is going to make it as a robber. When the would be robber walked into the bank, he had a stick up note in one hand and a pistol in the other. Being new to this sort of thing, however, instead of handing the teller the stick up note, he handed the teller the pistol. That is one of those rookie mistakes that is hard to recover from! When he saw what he had done, the robber fled on a bicycle.
This week’s winning story goes to this headline out of Kentucky, Amish Men Refuse to Pay Buggy Fines. Several Amish men were in court recently to answer unpaid traffic citations. The citations were for not having a reflective orange triangle on their horse drawn carriages. In their effort to live a “plain” life, they have refused to put the “gaudy” triangle on their buggies. Each man was sentenced to around two weeks in jail. The jail was very accommodating and dyed some orange jumpsuits green for them to wear.

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