Story of the Week

Jul 15, 2011

It was another tough week of choices for our judges, but they managed to pick out three stories that got their attention this week. Coming in at Third Place was: Would-Be Robbers Stopped by GunToting Homeowner. This took place in North Carolina where two predators kicked in the door to Jerry’s house to rob it. Jerry had seen them lurking around outside and had grabbed his gun. Were those criminals surprised when Jerry was waiting for them inside with a big gun pointed at them? I would guess they were. Jerry made them lay down on the ground, borrowed one of the thieve’s cell phones and called 911. The would be burglars were arrested.

We had a tie at Second Place this week. How do you pick a winner between these two stories? Notorious New Mexico Nipple Ripper Pleads Guilty To Attack On DaughterInLaw and Wife Chops Off Husband’s Penis, Throws in Garbage Disposal. Yep, there are some angry women out west. These stories made men and women everywhere cringe. I’ll spare you the details but I’m guessing that Thanksgiving is going to be a little strained this year in both households.

And taking the Top Prize for Story of the Week is:

Lucky fan grabs Jeter’s 3,000 ball, gives it back

This is a feel good story. In a day when everybody seems to want to turn every opportunity into cash, Christian Lopez only wanted to do the right thing. In other, similar situations, fans have demanded exorbitant sums for a milestone baseball. Here, Lopez simply said, “It’s not my ball. It belongs to Mr. Jeter.”

As a reward, Lopez got to meet Jeter, got some autographed balls, jerseys, bats, and four home game tickets through the post-season. Kudos to the Yankees for such a nice reward. Kudos to Lopez for being a baseball fan. The down side to this story is that the IRS is going after Lopez for taxes on the gifts he was given. Shameful!

In closing, I want to call your attention to the photo above. It has been said that everyone of us has a twin. I think Jeter found his. It is just a much huskier version.

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