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Jan 19, 2012

Now I know, that just looking at this pair, it is hard to believe that they could ever do anything wrong. They do have an angelic glow about them. However, Patricia and Quentin are responsible for our first headline this week: Pair Busted For Flaming Tampon Attack On Car- Feminine Hygiene Products Were Stuffed Inside Auto’s Oil, Gas. And, surprise, alcohol was involved. The car in question was outside a Pennsylvania bar and belonged to a friend of Patricia’s. The friend’s Facebook page indicated that the friend was now, “looking for some revenge.” Even though the car did not blow up, it was severely damaged by fire and the windows were smashed out. Patricia picked up an extra charge after she and Quentin were arrested by threatening to kill one of the arresting police officers.

Second Place this week takes us back to Iran: Iran’s ‘Morality Police’ Cracks Down on Barbie. Evidently, the Morality Police are scared that if little Iranian girls are able to purchase a Barbie, they will become infected with the “Cancer of Westernism.” Other dolls sold in Iran are “ugly and fat,” according to one mother. The story goes on to say, “Earlier last year, the morality police reportedly deployed to the streets of Tehran to crack down on men wearing necklaces and women for wearing loose-fitting head scarves, tightened overcoats and shortened pants that show skin.” I think we need something like the Morality Police in the United States, or at least someone that would enforce a “No Stretch Pants for Big Girls,” and “No Skinny Jeans for Big Guys” policy.

This weeks Winning Story is, by far, one of the most bizarre that I have ever seen: Man Marries Dead Girlfriend In Joint Funeral And Wedding Ceremony In Thailand. Chadil and his girlfriend had been dating for ten years and planned on getting married after Chadil finished his studies. Before they could set a date, though, Sarinya was killed in an accident. Chadil said that he felt terrible guilt because he had not married Sarinya and marrying her corpse was his way of “trying to right a wrong.” Wow!

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