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Jan 27, 2012

This is a great headline out of Illinois: Police: Willowbrook Man Called 911, Asked to Fight a Cop. What would cause anyone to call 911 and ask them to send an officer over to your house because you want to fight with the police? Police officers pray for calls like this. Several officers showed up at John’s house and he got his wish. I’m sure the police report said something to the effect of, “Officers subdued the suspect using the minimal amount of force to make the arrest.” You can read between the lines on that. John, a registered sex offender, got his butt kicked and he has a $100,000 bond for a variety of charges.

Second Place this week comes out of Connecticut. Sorry, Wrong Number! Drug-Sale Text Message Goes To Police Instead. When an officer received a text from an unknown number, offering to sell him some Percocet pills, the officer gave the information to the Drug Unit. Undercover officers set up a “buy” with the texter. Frank and Lorraine (pictured to the left) showed up to sell the pills and the police arrested them and seized 100 pills. Frank and Lorraine clearly are not very good drug dealers. It is probably not a good idea to send out random texts trying to sell drugs.

We have not been to Florida in a while. This week’s winning story comes out of Daytona. Daytona Woman, 64, Holds Suspect in Yard at Gunpoint. Karen was in her home watching the classic John Wayne western, Rio Bravo. It was about three in the morning when Karen heard the police helicopter hovering over her house. Unknown to her, the police were chasing Roderick. Roderick had been driving a stolen car. When the police tried to stop him, a chase ensued that ended up in front of Karen’s house. Roderick abandoned the car and ran into Karen’s backyard. As he was about to climb her fence and possibly escape, Karen grabbed her revolver and went outside. She said, “My adrenaline was just flowing at 100 mph. I just said, ‘Stop right there (expletive), or you’re going to be dead where you stand.” Roderick did not move until the police came and arrested him. He knew better than to mess with an old lady, armed with a revolver, who has just been watching John Wayne kill bad guys.

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